Common Questions

Where are the Locations and What is the Pay?

Visit and check schedule for times and locations.

Stipend is in the $150 - $300 range based on performance, it is not a job, if you are looking mainly for income then this is not suitable, if you are looking for digital economy experience, connections and the other stuff listed on the website and email its a great opportunity.

What is the Internship Role?

All interns will be assuming two roles, a Project Manager and a team member on someone else's project. Roles will be aligned to the intern's interest and career aspirations.

Are Youth from Howard County Eligible to Join?

The program is available only to youth who live in Howard County. Everyone is encouraged to apply. There will be an informational session soon, once we reach the wait-list.

Are Youth from Surrounding Counties Eligible to Join?

No, only youth who live in Howard, we have other programs for youth who live in other jurisdictions. Visit if you live outside Howard County or Maryland.

Is this Program Useful for Someone Interested in Engineering?

Yes, absolutely. Almost anyone interested in a career in any field where the candidate will lead a team, project or bring something new to the world will benefit. 

Do We Get Paid?

This is not a paying job, if your goal is to make some money over the summer, then we recommend you secure a paying job. However all successful participants will receive a stipend on the last day of the program upon graduation. Stipends range from $150 - $750 depending on performance. There are other perks and surprises as well. Stipends are disburded at the end of the program to participants who successfully completed the requirements of the program.

If you are looking for digital economy experience, connections and the other stuff listed on the website and email its a great opportunity.

Is it a Problem if I am on Vacation for a Week During the Program?

It depends, one of the requirements for successful graduation is to attend the orientation week (first week) and the graduation week (final week), absence during either of these weeks will not be acceptable. 

The program allows for one absence throughout the whole period, however you are able to work remotely while on vacation, even for just half an hour a day. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to working hours, however everyone is expected to meet during our meeting times even if connecting remotely via zoom or phone.

See schedule for full details of times and locations.

Is there Financial Aid?

Yes, youth who need bus passes could get one for the period of the program. Also all site visits and retreat transportation is provided by the program.

Participants who are enrolled and in good standing, are also eligible for financial aid for various life expenses such as food, rent, health care and housing.

How Long is the Program Duration?

Program duration is 18-months long.