The internship component of EmpoweReer provides attendees with real-life experience in applying skills learned in the workshop component of the program.
The internship runs during the whole 18-month period and is a mix of virtual and in-person meetings at Columbia, near the Mall.
Attendees who completed our internship programs in the past typically achieved a huge jump in workplace skills equivalent to 3-8 years of professional experience.
Designed for young adults between the ages of 13 and 21, the internship components provides attendees with the necessary soft skills and leadership qualities to secure competitive career opportunities. 
Key highlights of the Internship component are:
  • Formulate and brainstorm a real project to define and develop a solution during the 18-month period
  • Learning and practicing project management skills
  • Learn and develop public speaking and public presentation skills

Workshops can provide youth development, Communication, and Team Building for better management and a positive work environment.